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Limited Warranty / Ultra Low Emission

Meet the water’s lightest 25-horsepower four stroke. The class-leading, category-jumping Yamaha F25 Portable.

Explore 25 hp

Newly Redesigned 25 hp

F90 & F75

The All-new 1.8L F90 & F75

Completely redesigned, they combine increased displacement with lighter weight to create thrilling performance.

Explore 90 & 75 hp

More functionality. More control. More convenience.




Our integrated digital boat control system now features Set Point.
This suite of satellite-guided boat control functions automatically maintains your position, heading or both. Suddenly fishing beneath the boat, controlled drifting and waiting in place are a snap for captains of any skill level.

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VF175 & VF115

New25” shafts onV Max SHO®
175 & 115

The addition of 25-inch-shaft options on the VF175 and VF115 means the full line of I-4 V MAX SHOs now offers the option of an extended shaft. For boats with 25-inch transoms, such as multi-species boats, these new models deliver super-high-output performance in a convenient range of horsepowers. This is great news for walleye anglers.


I-4 family

I-4 150 & 175

Digital Control Compatible

The addition of digital control models for our 150 hp and 175 hp, means nearly all of our In-Line Four outboards are now compatible with either mechanical or digital controls.

I-4 200


Our 2.8-liter 200-hp I-4 is already a fan favorite. The addition of a 20-inch-shaft, digital control model makes it the perfect, lightweight 200-hp solution for small- to medium-size offshore boats with advanced rigging.

Our Shift Dampener System (SDS®) Evolves and Expands

SDS brings a smooth, quiet ride to two new propellers, and evolves its design for our Reliance®, Saltwater Series II and Saltwater Series HS4 propellers.


Talon Pontoon
propeller (SDS)

  • Provides excellent “grip” on the water, especially in turns and at high trim angles
  • Excellent low-speed operation, for higher thrust and control
  • Ideal for pontoons using T50-F115 outboards, including heavily loaded ones
  • No special hardware or tools required
Talon GP™

Talon GP Aluminum Propeller (SDS)

  • Special, new blade geometry holds the water for better performance in turns and at high trim angles
  • Ideal for lighter weight boats and applications using T50-F115 outboards
  • Lightweight, high-performance design great for pontoons or as a spare
  • No special hardware or tools required

Remote Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®)

VTS® is now available as a helm-mounted remote for the convenience of 50-RPM trolling speed adjustments for boats not equipped with the Multifunction Tiller Handle or Command Link® tachometer. Compatible with F30 through F115.